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To create that space where you can let it all go, start fresh and breath deep.  That is what I was looking for in my pursuit to create a morning routine.  I am the type of person who gets up, slow, take my supplements, sip coffee, tea or something warm.  I then stagger into the kitchen and start the boys breakfast.  Hair on end, pjs layered with vintage teas and oversized sweaters.  Bed head is on point and then as I am feeling the slow wake up I get a hungry boy burst into the kitchen. Begging for food and needing it immediately.  I slowly say, it’s ok, I am making you something right now. But he continues to open all the cabinets, and fridge and start eating leftovers from last nights dinner.  It’s just a whirl wind, it’s not sweet every morning and it’s just a jolt to my body and mind.  I often find myself craving the slow wake up.  So I decided to satisfy that craving and start a morning ritual before the hungry hippo kids pounce on me.

My morning routines have been true to giving me just that.  I roll over and grab my phone and head to the kitchen.  From there I make a large mason jar of camomile tea, as it’s stepping I set myself up for my 10 minute meditation on the porch.  I use the headspace app and honestly I think it’s a beautiful place to start.  My mind is a wandering mess, I think and over think and analyze and strategize and then I leave it spinning. So for me to pull away for 10 minutes with a very guided meditation it’s just what I need for now and I am hoping that 10 goes to 15 minutes and  so on  while I learn my own guided meditations.

After that 10 minutes I find my self struck with the critters that visit on the porch. We have squirrels and the most beautiful humming birds who visit the porch every morning and this morning we had a deer join nibbling on the flowers. I sip my tea and breath in the warm mountain morning air.

I follow this with my laptop and 10 minutes of writing. This may have been the most powerful, heart revealing part so far.  The things that are pouring out are a true reflection of the heart and I am learning that it’s a safe place, and it’s ok to write and not hide the hurt, disappointment or the joys that can be just mine and then extended out in a act of self awareness.

I finish this beautiful time in 60 minutes with a good face wash, tone and moisturizer and brush my teeth.  From that place I am ready for the day, the hungry little boys and all their needs.