Morning Ritual

To create that space where you can let it all go, start fresh and breath deep.  That is what I was looking for in my pursuit to create a morning routine.  I am the type of person who gets up, slow, take my supplements, sip coffee, tea or something warm.  I then stagger into the [...]

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2 hour iphone photography retreat

Recently I read a book by Anne Lamott. In it she explained that my story of life is mine. It’s not anyone else's story and nobody can retell it like I can. In the same way photographing life is telling our story. It’s our perspective of the everyday. Our kids will have their stories, their [...]

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Reflection// Metamorphism

Metamorphism the process to Transformation.  I have resisted this part all my life and sought the outcome over the process.  I dreamed of what the transformation would look like.  What I would be at the end.  But what I see now is I truly have no idea what the end will be. I just know [...]

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Rising Strong

  "There is no greater threat to the critic's, cynics and fear-mongers then those of us who are willing to fall because we learned how to rise. with skin knees and bruised hearts we choose owning our stories of struggles over hiding, over hustling over pretending.  When we deny our stories they define us, when [...]

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Keeping it together -Passion Planner

I stumbled upon this planner through someone I follow on Instagram. She said " The best purchase I made in a long time" I of course was curious what was so great about this planner in comparison to others and went to their site.  I wasn't on their site long before I hit purchase.  My [...]

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